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22. UCF. I like things.

why does tuition cost so much? I understand that you need to give employees raises and that there’s a lot of things to maintain on such a large campus but you also pay the president and other administrators of the college something like 300,000 a year. does no one else think that’s ridiculous?

why do you charge a distance learning fee of 18$ per credit hour for online classes? you do realize that by taking an online class and working on my own computer from home, you are actually spending less money to teach me. I am not using your electricity, your air conditioning, your supplies, nor am I taking up a parking spot on campus which leaves open a parking space for someone else (who payed 95$ to park in that spot) to park in. so what exactly am I paying you 54$ per online class for?

why are you charging me a 2% convenience fee to pay for my classes online? 2% of nearly 3000$ is a good bit of money and I don’t want to give it to you. nor do I find anything about the process convenient.

why am I paying an athletic fee when I have absolutely no connection to any athletic programs, nor will I ever in my entire time as a student? why is it my responsibility to pay for their equipment and whatever the hell else that money goes to? I don’t think the athletes pay a literature fee, so why should I pay an athletic fee.

I’ll just leave it at that. even though I have at least 3 more things I could put on this list.

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